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Hitchcock Test Print

Two coats of primer later, this is the result of my very first 3d printed model test. Bear in mind that this is only midres, a test print, my very first successful one using the form 2 I just got 2 days ago. You can see some steps especially on the cheeks/brows/lids due to the angle+resolution, but not too bad at all for what it is and for how little it is. I think I went a little too thin with the walls when I hollowed it out. I will try a little thicker next time. This print took 3h45min to complete, grey resin, 0.05 resolution at exact 2 inches tall on a Formlabs form 2. Stoked.

Kris costa hitch 7
Kris costa hitch 6

Size comparison in relation to AnatomyTool's mini skull.

Kris costa hitch 2
Kris costa hitch 3
Kris costa hitch 8

Completely hollow print.