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Portrait of Rick Baker Monstermaker

The whole concept behind this piece was to create a just homage to one of the very finest makeup effects artists to ever live: the living legend, Mr. Rick Baker, who inspired generations of artists, myself included. This was a very intimidating project, because I know how much of a great eye Rick has for detail and I really wanted to do justice to him. At the same time it was risky in a way, because the approach was as artistic as I could had gone, instead of using a more "scientific" approach to assure precision. I decided to go "old school" on this, painting all textures by hand and with no layers, using ZBrush's polypaint and I also hand sculpted all the detail you see. No ready-made textures, brushes, scans or anything else other than ZBrush's own default tools and my own hand made set of brushes were used in this piece.

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Kris antropus costa rickartstatio8
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