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The Princess

This work was mostly developed during my online class last April. It was heavily inspired by a beautiful model with Albinism named Thando Hopa, while allowing myself to take some artistic licenses here and there. She is such a gorgeous woman and the fact that she has Albinism makes up for a great case study in my quest to represent people of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. Humans.

No blue prints, scans or commercial alpha/texture packs used. Everything sculpted manually using either ZBrush's default brushes or my own set of alphas, which were also sculpted manually. Textures 100% hand painted in ZBrush using polypaint, HD mode. All details also sculpted in HD mode (about 72 million polys between head and shoulders). Hair done using Maya's XGen Interactive and rendered in Maya's Arnold. Initial sketch was projected onto my go-to topology using ZWrap and then refined in ZBrush after many, many iterations.