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The Lady from Nagaland

Alternative version. The intention here was to add more life to her eyes, which was missing in the past version and also incorporate more dramatic lighting and environment to help with the focus, which is her face and expression. I also addressed some anatomy issues. This model was started during my online class last January. As usual, I found the references and had a vague idea about the whole thing, but the work evolved on the fly and at the end it's always nice to see the character materializing itself as an alive entity. That's the best part of the process in fact, when you can say "hi! Pleasure to meet you!".

This was strongly inspired by an online picture of this sweet, kind looking old lady from Nagaland. As usual, I added my own spin, but that picture inspired this work a lot. All detail hand sculpted using ZBrush's HD mode, using default brushes or my own custom sculpted alphas. Skin tones hand painted in ZBrush using HD geometry as well. No commercial alphas, textures or blue prints used. I hope you like this one.